Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Drake!  Were have you been Buddy!  Don't worry Drake, I won't tell your mommy you snuck off to visit!  ***Dara, you're not reading this, are you?***

I bet you'd like a snack!

Drake used to be Dad's dog.  When I came to Dad's ranch, Sadie (a sweet black lab) and Drake already lived here.  They were *very* well fed and Drake was *very* large (the pictures don't really show his size). 

Michael tells the story of coming into the kitchen, beckoned there by wonderful cooking smells:

Michael: What do you have cooking, Dad?

Dad: chicken and rice

Michael: dinner sure smells good

Dad: that's not dinner... that's for my pups!

Well, the story went something like that... the pups were well loved and well fed!

During the fourth of July weekend (of 2009), Drake saw tents in the yard of the neighboring farm and went to investigate... Drake found kids!  Actually, Drake found boys!  His boys! He adopted those boys... and the rest of the family. He couldn't be coaxed back after that... and once everyone came to accept it his way, he started visiting again!  

We love his visits and he knows it!  I guess you could call it "dog sharing". Drake just sharin' the love! I sure wish I could have snapped a picture of him pushing his way into the house and jumping up on Dad's lap!  It all happened so fast!  And Drake is *not* a lap dog!

Drake sometimes sticks around to help me with chores...

Here he is as a puppy (with Dad):

Here he is at his home:

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Isn't that the cutest!


  1. Awww so cute. A time share dog.

  2. When we were living in Oregon we used to get visits from the neighbors dog, Blue. He would come in lay down and then an hour or so later want to go home. It always amused us, and we'd say "Looks like old Blue's come to visit." He was a big Newfoundland.

  3. Drake is such a sweet dog, and easily one of the smartest I have ever known! The dog sharing deal was entirely orchestrated by him :) Maybe he is smarter than all of us?!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. I am so NOT a "dog person" or I wasn't a dog person until Drake arrived... I love him and he loves ME! He follows me around all day, waits outside any room I am in if the door is closed. He is scared of the cat (but not of the chickens!!) and of the vacuum cleaner! Thanks for sharing him with us! It is funny to see him toodling around at your dad's in these photos! He still tries to climb on my lap too!! We ♥ Drake!

  5. Also: the boys are going to get SUCH a kick out of this!!! Our family would not be the same without this big guy! (He IS the sheddingest dog EVER!!) And more than any dog we've ever had, this dog has enough love for more than one family!

  6. They sure love kids. The picture of him with his little girl/boy is priceless.

  7. Thanks for the great comments!

    Now all we have to do is train him to bring his mommy with him when he visits!

  8. What a cute story. I guess he's a dog that just has to have some kids to take care of. He really looks ripped - what muscles he has just standing there with his nose in a dish!