Monday, January 31, 2011

Search Vansteader Websites

I've added a new search box on the right column of this blog titled "Search Vansteader Websites".  This new search box came about through my frustration.  I would read a really great blog post, and then not be able to remember where I'd read it... or I'd really want to know which blogs have posted about a certain topic.  For example, if I want to know *every* blog post where "boondocking" or "laundry" is mentioned in *any* of the blogs that are listed in the column to the left ("follower's" blogs)... now I can find out!  And so can you!

When you use the "Search Vandweller Websites" search box, you'll see the above screen, where you'll be given options as to which blogs you want to search.

You may search topics with the following options:
  • This Blog (search Vansteaders posts only)
  • Linked from Here (this will search the blogs I've mentioned in my posts)
  • Vansteaders Blog List (in progress) - this option will search through all the blogs of the "followers" listed on the left column
Just choose the desired option on the "tab" at the top of the search result box.


  1. You are very clever. I have a search box also, but I think it only searches my blog. Not really sure though. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi Pidge, I checked... your search is set up this way also... *you* are clever! lol

  3. Hello, Believe it or not I have heard of this...I will check it out. Looking forward to reading all of you past and future posts...if nothing else we can always go camping

  4. What an excellent idea...thanks for sharing it, I think I might try to set this up on my blog as well.

  5. You clever girl you. Smart idea.
    Off to *research* lol.


  6. Thanks for the comments! I'm sorry, I should have said how to do it...

    I just added the box by going to design, add a gadget, select "search box"... then select the different places you'd like it to search. Once you save it, you can move it around on your page by dragging the gadget to where you'd like it.

  7. Very clever Heidi. And thanks for sharing how you did it :-)

  8. Well I am going to try and get this on my blog so I can search it! Thanks