Sunday, January 23, 2011

National Pie Day and Boiling Water Pie Crust

First thing this morning I learned that today is National Pie Day!  Typically, I'm less than excited about new holidays that I've never heard of... but you don't have to convince me to put National Pie Day on my Calendar!

Last summer, while visiting my sweet sister-in-law in Minnesota, I copied a boiling water pie crust recipe out of an Amish cookbook (I know, It totally breaks all of the rules of pie baking)!.  I can't believe it has taken me this long to get to it... but it *is* National Pie Day!  So here I go...

First, Dad is letting me use his beautiful wood biscuit bowl that belonged to Granny... and also reminded me that Joyce (his wife) is the world's best pie maker.  I didn't need reminding, as her pastries and other baked goodies are unforgettable! Scrumptious! However, it *is* National Pie Day and Joyce isn't here... so we'll soldier on and Dad says he'll try a piece. So, check back for the official pie judging results!

Granny's Biscuit Bowl

This is where I'm at now... I'll and let you know how it turns out!  Happy National Pie Day!

Note: I've already found (Googled) another boiling water pie crust recipe that I think I'll like better for mobile use.  I'll have more experimenting to do before I find *the* recipe.  I've always made my pie crusts in the traditional (cold) way.  But I'd like to find a "road friendly" approach.  I'll post my final recipe at some later date.


  1. Hey, send me down a piece of that pie! I guess I should make one, but I'll wait until you've tested those boiling water crusts.

  2. I love that bowl. Any day is a good day for pie. Waiting to see the results of this. Stay warm.

  3. When is national pudding day? Much easier to make for me.

  4. Annie's Granny, I'll let you know when I find *the* recipe.

    Pidge, the beautiful bowl really made it better!

    Frann, national pudding day? Oh my! I'll be looking for that one too!

  5. I love the biscuit bowl. What type of wood is it?
    I am interested to learn more about your "road friendly" recipes.

  6. B, Dad says it looks like a maple or ash. It sure does work good! I know I skip around on topics... but I really want to make a page (or tab) for recipes.... soon.