Monday, December 13, 2010

One Pan Rice and Veggies

I have much more sophisticated cookware, but I just keep coming back to my cheepy nesting camping pans (most often the smallest of them).  In this example, I throw a portion size (about 1/4 cup) of Basmati rice into the bottom of the pan with a little cold (or room temp) water.  I swish it around and dump the water, removing the excess starch.  I add twice as much water as rice to the pan and place the steamer basket on top.  Add whatever vegetables you want to steam to the basket. I often choose broccoli or snow peas with mushrooms. Place the lid on your pot, bring to a boil, and simmer for about 12 minutes.  If you'd like to make a quick homemade glaze in the pan lid (takes only a few extra minutes) you can add teriyaki glaze to the meal (without need for refrigerating an opened bottle).

I make this quite often for breakfast.  We don't have any rules as to what we can eat during a certain part of the day.  Besides, how would we know when the standard "food rules" apply, since we don't ever know what time it is? ~grin~

Since I make it so often, I mix it up using many different combinations of spices and other ingredients.  I always add a little olive oil to the rice.

Sometimes I have the vegetables on the side and use curry on my rice.  Also, adding a little butter powder to the olive oil, then sprinkle real beacon bits over the top (hey, there's your breakfast food)! 

Other times I opt for adding canned chicken to the teriyaki glaze... well, the possibilities are endless so I'll try to post a few pictures here as I make different combinations.

Each combination is delicious and it only takes one little pan. I can eat out of the small pan (or lid) and clean up is a breeze.

So you can see the ingredients, I'll dump it on a plate... 

~more one pan rice pictures will be added later~ ~homemade Teriyaki Glaze to follow~


  1. Our van camper didn't have a burner. That's nice you have one. It looks very good. Who makes these 'food rules' anyway?

  2. Yeah, who makes the food rules anyway, LOL. I have a double steamer that I use a lot. Your set up is very clever. I love reducing things to the least amount of cookwear.

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile now so thought I'd join up. You have neat ideas! We have a Class B rv so I'm always looking for new ideas to use in our little home on wheels!

  4. Thanks Jane, Leigh, and Connie! Glad you're here!

  5. That looks really good. And, so good for you.

  6. My old friend Joel made a similar dish, but put the veggies on top of the rice and called it "glop." It really was not gloppy at all, though! I do that a lot--only one pan to deal with. Yours looks great!

  7. Love it! Great suggestions! Have been eating breakfasts like this for eons. Hadn't tried cooking the rice & veges together...great idea...keeps it tres simple!
    Look forward to all your cooking/recipe ideas!

  8. Thanks Pidge, Judith, and Renee! Renee, welcome to Vansteaders! Glad you're here!