Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Twit and a Shower

I did a Google search to see what came up for Vansteaders, and I came upon this Twit... you know, like a Twitter post....

Twitted by:

Diane Starkey

"New corner of the internet found! Vansteaders, vanbassadors, vandwellers, vantramps. People who blog about life in a van. Wifi yes. Bath no."
Wow, very funny!
Agreed, I don't take a *bath* often... but shower, yes!

It just so happens that my brilliant husband's beautiful shower mod (seen here: Oh Wonderful Shower) isn't being used right now due to a water pump failure. A super-duper upgraded and properly modified water pump is in our near future.

That being the case, I did what many other Vandwellers do... I constructed a shower. It was warm and wonderful!

5 gallon solar shower bag and my desert shower

So there you have it Twitty One! <grin>


  1. I absolutely love to bath out doors. Love your shower.

  2. The twits will never believe it. You are just gonna have to do some in-use demonstration photos... ;-)...Mrs hot monkey

  3. Thank Remi, Jane, and Andy. Andy, Dude! My husband says NO!

  4. How is that anyone's business? They assume just because we live in smaller quarters, that we are dirty and don't bathe. What a smartass!!

  5. I know Pidge, there are many incorrect assumptions made about "traveling types". I hope all of our blogs can go a long way in educating. Thank you for commenting! :)

  6. That looks like the perfect spot for a shower :-) Glad you enjoyed it!!

  7. Don't you think the "bath no" may be subject to interpretation? If it said "bathing no", then yes, it would mean to imply vandwellers are not clean. If it said "bathroom no", then it would just refer to the lack of a bathroom in a van, but we do still have wifi. Right?

  8. Very true Mar... that's why this was a "teasing" post... if she had come right out and said we don't bathe, well that would have been a very different post indeed! ~grin~

  9. Oh, and Mar... yes, we still have wifi. I'd also like to point out that Mar has a BATHTUB! LOL!

  10. Cool! I love it. Just found your blog and am about to dive into the archives, but I'm smiling at your most recent post - and that your upmost tag is "chickens" :-)

  11. I don't know, Mar and Heidi. My first reading was that she was saying we don't bathe much. I think she is insulting!

  12. Yeah, definite no on the shower demos unless you would like to watch me use it... Now bout the twitting dealio, I think she was aiming for humor but missed the mark and went right on past it to borderline isulting. She may have just meant a bathtub and of course not many vans actually have them though there are a few.

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  13. ourtakeonfreedom, I didn't know my upmost tag is chickens... that makes my day and I can't wait to tell Mike (he still has nightmares of me bringing a pet chicken into our home)! Thanks for being visiting!

    Judith and my sweet husband Mike, I think you may be right... but plausible deniability and all! ~grin~