Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Post of Christmas Past

Vansteading is also about family (as it is with any home)... 
Yesterday we stood in line at the Post Office in Quartzsite AZ to mail our cards and packages. Other than Bocephus (a sock monkey) dressed up in a Santa suit, there haven't been many signs of Christmas.  But my thoughts still turn to the Christmas' of the past.  I scan through pages of online photo folders and I can't find the pictures I want to post (see future post, re: 2011 goals).  I copy a few of the first Christmas photos I came across... and my mind wanders back in time:

There were new Christmas eve jammies, Christmas trees, sledding, and a Christmas puppy.

There was the sprinkling of reindeer food, making of gingerbread houses, the leaving of cookies and milk.  There were many, *MANY* toys...
 and MOUNTAINS of debt. lol

There was always a flurry of activity!

There was singing, and Christmas shows.... 

and regrets. 

Maybe less time spent stressing about gift giving and more precious time cuddled with my children reading stories...  Yes, I wish I'd done some things differently.

But there was LOVE.  There was, is, and will always be LOVE!


  1. What a neat post. Loved it... :)

  2. I am sitting in a cafe, entertaining ma with the cell phone because I eat way too fast... this is our favorite post by far. Excellent.

  3. Thanks you so much Pidge and Pepper! I hope you're having a very merry Christmas season!

  4. Nice post.........remembering the good times.

  5. Love You Mom! Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas memories! Your the best