Sunday, February 20, 2011

Urban Homesteaders Day of Action

Take Back Urban Home-steading(s) facebook page is sponsoring an Urban Homesteaders Day of Action! There is also a petition to sign at

Please stop by to learn about the issue and lend your support to the Urban Homestead/Urban Homesteading community.


  1. thanks!!! You're awesome. I can't wait to start following your blog.

  2. good for you, numees! i've been linking it on FB and will try to get something on the blog in support. you are the champion of all downtrodden....from horses to homesteaders!

  3. Thanks Melody, your blog is great!

    Numees, thanks! I'm looking forward to reading your blog on the subject... your words always make a big impact!

  4. Yes! I have my (gripe) blog all written and ready to publish tomorrow (probably later tonight). There's power in numbers,

  5. That is excellent Granny! Looking forward to your post.

    I've just been told that the graphic that was created for us (the one on this post) was created with the slash going the wrong way... but I like it! It's kind of backwards like me! ~grin~ I just may use it again tomorrow (or not).