Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Honorary Vansteader

If you "follow" this blog, it is my practice to link *your* blog or website to the left (under the "Vansteaders" follow box).
If you don't have your blog or website listed there, chances are good that you don't have it listed on your Google profile (seen when you click on a person's icon or picture in the "followers" box).  If your blog or website isn't listed here, please be sure that you "follow", then leave a comment or send me an email with the link to your website or blog... then you'll be added to the Vansteaders Blog list.

Another mention: I'm starting a new practice. If you look to your right ----------------->'ll see a new "Honorary Vansteader" box.  I read a LOT of blogs!  I can't tell you how much inspiration and information I get by reading about *your* lives!  I want to share some of these blogs with you.  Therefore, every week I'll be featuring a post from one of my favorite blogs in the "Honorary Vansteader" box.

Picture linked from the Down To Earth blog post

I'll start it off with a blog I've just started reading, so please go visit her and tell me what you think!  What a beautiful woman with some beautiful ideas on aging naturally!

P.S.  We just crossed into Oregon! Did you feel the bump?


  1. I'm here! Yea! :-)

    Thanks for the link... When I visit my favorite blogs (like yours!), I often sneak-a-peek at who they are following. I've found some of the coolest blogs that way!

    Enjoy your time in Oregon, and I hope that Mike is feeling much better!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  2. Hello. Here's the link to a wannabe site. Hopefully in 011.
    from that link you can go to my 2nd blog. I don't know why I have two ... but I liked the name so .... Thanks

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Down-To-Earth blog! Truly some good reading there. I'll be spending way too much time there, catching up on older post (as I do here)

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. I'm a regular reader of her, she seems to know what she is talking about and we are in the same country...

    Aren't you a clever lady, being able to do stuff like that down the sides.


  5. I did feel the bump - thought it was a pothole though...

  6. Uh oh, I know where this is going. I'm going to have so many new blogs to add to my already overstuffed feed reader.

  7. I love down to earth. I have read her off and on for a while.

  8. Thanks for this link. I wasn't familiar with this site. I always love recommendations!

  9. Thanks for sharing, Heidi. Going to check it out. Hugs!

  10. I love your idea to showcase a blogger!

    I think she's brave for putting her "real" face out there. So many of us use make-up to hide behind. And why don't dudes feel the need....well, I guess some do, but I digress ;)

  11. Thank you for all your comments; they are so appreciated! We're back at home in Washington State now... and I'll try to keep up with blog life now! ~grin~