Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Lives Thursday

Have you ever heard of a blog hop?  If you also have an interest in "simple living", here's a blog hop for you:


  1. I did NOT know you had a blog!!! I'm so out of the loop! The good news is that I can stalk you here now too :)

    And what do you mean you don't have a fridge?!?!? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE?? Seriously! Where do you keep stuff you don't want to spoil? Especially when grocery stores can be few and far between? Obviously, food is VERY important to me! LOL!

  2. It broke! However, I'm going to be making a post this week on how we've gone fridgeless... so stay tuned! So glad you're here... you're blog is awesome!

  3. I've heard about blog hops but didn't know about this one. Gee, that means I'd have to coordinate a Thursday post with a sustainable, simple living blog topic. Can I handle it??? LOL