Monday, December 6, 2010

Yogurt Leather

Picture linked from Kids and Canning Jars

When I saw this post about yogurt leather at Adventures in Self Reliance, it reminded me of another yogurt post I'd recently read at First butter... now yogurt; who needs a fridge?!

In the process of looking up additional information, I discovered a great new blog (new to me)... and I learned all I need to know about the process!

Check it out: Kids and Canning Jars


  1. Hey thanks! Yogurt leather is like candy. It is so good. You mention not needing a fridge.....did you know that you can can cheese? No fridge needed their either...hehe.
    Thanks for the link. I will be giving you a good look see.

  2. Melissa, I love your blog! I'm going to read all of your old posts... and I sure hope there's one on canning cheese! That's it, I can now remain happily fridgeless!

  3. You always share such interesting sites with us. Thanks.

  4. I love Melissa's blog! I have yet to try this, but we do love yogurt. I was interested in your post about butter powder too.

    I found my way here from my followers list. Thanks for being my newest follower. I am now yours.

  5. Thanks so much Pidge!

    Leigh, I found your blog through Melissa's! What great blogs... I've been so happy all day because I knew I was in for some great reading! I just need to mention my reaction when I saw the picture of "Charlie" on your blog... I just laughed out loud because I thought he was just the cutest!