Saturday, October 2, 2010

Favorite Vansteading Posts

Walking Onion, thank you for allowing me to post a picture of Willie Utillie (above).  He is one of my favorite van-homes.

Walking Onion grows his plants in plastic bins that he keeps on top of his van (see Willie Utillie above).

The Spartan Student took his summer break from Yale to go back to the year 1935:

Falia Photography travels around with her seedlings (setting them on her roof by day) until she figures out where to plant them: features Shawn the Rabbit Tamer:

<update> Celtic Gypsy blogs great Vansteading links: 


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great sites. I am going to check them all out. Gardening was my passion when we still had the stix and brix. Stay safe.

  2. All are quite inspirational! Good links :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. Thanks Heidi :)

    I am really excited that we are creating a VanSteader's Community. It blends both my passions for gardening and homesteading and I think we have some great resources to share together!

  4. I thought this might be a great resource video to get some creative thinking happening!

  5. I thought this would also be a great way to create a herbal container garden for our vansteaders community




  9. wow! This is so great! Normally it wouldn't take me so long to get your comments published... but we drove through the twin cities area today! eeek! We're still driving, but I can't wait to explore all the links. Thank you so much!

  10. Good Morning Heidi,

    I had so much fun exploring the internet last night and I am really excited about identifying myself as a VanSteader and networking to share all kinds of resources with each other. This would be an amazing networking community as there is definitely more out there, I just need to tap into my resource people to gather the information in one place.

    I used to travel and work farms and homesteading places when my kids were younger and I had been feeling like I wanted to tap into this lifestyle again.

    Your timing at creating this new term "VanSteading" and creating this community is perfect timing with where I am at in my life journey. I am really excited to see how this unfolds.

  11. Thank you all so much for all of your comments! I am really looking forward to exploring all of the vansteading possibilities. Your participation is so appreciated!

    Kylie, your information is amazing. Thank you.

    I'm having issues with Google today, but I'll post as soon as it'll let me... and I should have time to get all caught up while driving through Iowa today.

  12. Heidi, I love the blog and overall concept. Looking at the links for this post while sipping coffee got me thinking. When I first started looking at RVs, one thing I noticed a lot of folks with smaller ones say they never use the enclosed showers. Well, since most of these have skylights, water source and a drain, wouldn't it be possible for van dwellers who don't use their enclosed shower to convert it to a little botanical garden/green house? Oddball thought, I know. Personally, I wouldn't give up my shower, but for those who don't use them, it's a possibility.

  13. Remi,

    I think it's a good idea for those who don't use the shower space.

    Oddball? You're talking to someone who wants to live in a van with her husband and a chicken!

    Thanks for sharing your idea! :)

  14. Heidi, you'd be surprised what my brain can come up with sometimes while sleep deprived *chuckles* and on that note, anyone ever thought of taking one of those Thule or Yakima roof carriers and replacing the top with one kid of plexi or something to form a rooftop greenhouse? I saw a bumper mounted carrier in a park yesterday, then drove by an old skoolie that had tomatoes and pansies growing on the bumper and I guess the two kind of blurred tonight and got me thinking about rooftop carriers and greenhouses.

    Probably wouldn't make border crossings any easier though :)

  15. The closest thing I've seen to that is a large basket on a VW bug with plants in it... Your idea is a good one! :)

  16. Oh I really like both of those new ideas...and yes I think a roof top greenhouse would make an excellent VanSteader garden indeed. Thanks for sharing NLS :)

    Some of my best ideas flow because I am sleep deprived and my "thought censor" does not tell me it is silly so I make notes, and then think later, wow cool ideas.