Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Photo Wrap-Up

1) grinding sprouted wheat
2) Spring flowers have sprung
3) built a new raised strawberry patch
4) made yogurt in a thermos
5) made a bee-safe wasp trap for the greenhouse
6) made a strawberry bucket with an old pot and hole saw
7) we got our rocket stove from Stovetec and the canner fits!
8) radishes are ready
9) working on hand sewing a new apron
10) Dad and I made a new raised garden bed next to the house... "The Kitchen Garden"
11) The vermiculture bin (the squirmin' Hermin Hotel) is doing very well with all 2000 of its guests... I'll try to get an update posted soon.  There have been many developments.
12) Started making sourdough bread (with Selma the starter)
13) The greenhouse is much greener
14) Selma the sourdough starter now lives in the fridge and gets fed once each week
15) the radish planter
16) cherry blossoms are everywhere in town (Port Angeles, WA)... the trees at the ranch should be in bloom any day.

I also tilled a lot this month... the big garden is just about ready to plant!

I hope everyone had a great month!


  1. I love the raised garden but the daffodil has to be my favorite.

  2. I was thinking about you today, did you read my mind all the way from the other side of the state?

    A bee-safe wasp trap sounds interesting. I've seen a few wasps around the shed lately, and fear they will find the dogs. Or the dogs will find them.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your garden. Love all the March pictures. Stay safe.

  4. Frann, the daffodil was my favorite too! It is so nice to see them again!

    Granny, awwww thanks for thinking of me! The wasps usually take over the greenhouse... but not this year!

    Thanks K.K. and Pidge!

  5. You are amazing!

    I get dizzy just thinking about all you do.

    By the way, sourdough is my favorite!

  6. Me? What about you and your amazing travels! ~grin~ When you get here, I'll make plenty of sourdough stuff!

  7. Wow you are very busy. I wish I was as energentic as you. Love the photos. B

  8. Such a nice idea. Tell me, what software do you use to group your photos in this post? Please stop by for a piece of four berry pie when you have a moment! Have a great day!

  9. Thanks B!

    OB&CS, I usually just use I will certainly stop by! ~grin~ Thanks!