Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barn Tour

Dad and Joyce are attending a horse show in Arizona this week.  Therefore, I've got ranch duty... It's not what you think; it's a pretty cushy job.  Take for instance the barn... I've heard people say "I could happily live it that barn!". I agree, the barn dwellers are a happy bunch!

The stalls are all occupied; though Dad only has one horse in this barn at the moment... making that job a breeze.  The rest of the barn is leased, and takes care of itself.

Come on in; I'll show you around:

The tack room

more tack

shower stall

grooming stall

wash room and unfinished stable office

Most horses get hay pellets, but there's an area for hay.

upper storage for buggies

indoor riding arena

Here she is; my charge (Fontina).

mmmmm grain!

She's got hay, grain, water, clean bedding, warm coat... happy horse!

And now for the neighbors:

Bye guys!  See you at noon!

Now for some snow shoveling and wood splitting... it finally stopped snowing!

Have a great day!

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  1. I have worked in quite a few horse barns in my time, and that is one nice barn. It is so clean, which is sometimes difficult when you lease. I could see how you could 'live' in that barn.

  2. Good heavens, his barn is cleaner than my house!

  3. Beautiful barn. I could live there too...

  4. Amazing barn. Good luck with the work.B

  5. GREAT tour of your farm!

    would love to come and visit sometime! ;-)


  6. I have been in a few barns, but never one that nice. I could easily live there! And an indoor riding facility, too! Quite a wonderful place. Have fun with those lovely horses.

  7. Wow--that is one awesome barn. A space for everything and everything in it’s place. She is a gorgeous horse too :) Thank you for linking with FFF.

  8. Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments! I sure did enjoy Farm Friends Friday!

  9. Uh, could you send the wash stall my way? My boys are in desperate need of a wash, shave and hair cut!
    Beautiful barn - thanks for the tour!