Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homemade Manwich (Sloppy Joes) with Homemade Potato Chips

Last night I made homemade Sloppy Joes (not from a can). Recently, I read a post that made my mouth water for homemade chips: ( ... perfect for Sloppy Joes!

After soaking for 30 Minutes, I let the slices dry

I use olive oil to gently fry the slices

I gently salted with sea salt

The more homemade items I make using staple ingredients, the less space we have to use to store cans... and the more money we save.


  1. Excellent ideas...I have also been eating more healthy and using natural ingredients rather than processed and canned foods, and am feeling so much healthier and have more energy...and in the long run it is so much cheaper :)

    Thanks for sharing Heidi!

  2. I love making potato chips like that!

  3. looks quite appetizing. ever thought of using a mixture of olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil?

  4. Kylie, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and taking care of yourself!

    (Jay and Amy) and Bob... Thanks for commenting!

    Ben... I've been avoiding coconut oil because of some environmental issues I've been looking into. I'm sure I have many environmentally unfriendly practices that I'm unaware of, or have not yet addressed... however, I've been looking into avocado oil (which looks really great on so many levels)... I'd love to hear your take on coconut oil (the benefits and such), If you'd like to share your experience.

  5. Wonderful aren't they? Thanks for touting our blog post :o) We've been getting some new followers, now I know why.

    People have been deceived into thinking homemade takes all day and dirtys up to many pots and pans. Praying they'll think outside that box and give it a whirl for themselves and when they do, they'll never go back.*wink*

    PS, Heidi have you researched grape seed oil, may be abother alternative for you, we like it.

  6. Kelle, yes they are wonderful! I heard from several people offline who also had them... you provided a very important public service! lol

    I haven't looked into grape seed oil either... I'm always researching something, but I always have a huge list of things to learn about. Thanks again Kelle, I'll add that to the list also.