Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tea Time

It's a cold blustery day in the desert outside of Quartzsite... a day that is just made for sipping tea.  Michael was ready to try some of the tea Wendy (from Holy Scrap Hot Springs) had given him for better breathing, during our visit to TorC. It looked sort of fuzzy and it really smelled good.  Michael said Wendy is a "Tea Pusher"... gives you a little to get ya hooked. ~grin~  It was delicious!

Wendy, thanks for turning this...

into this... 
Michael's coffee cup "Conrad" is pictured above



  1. I'd love to know the ingredients in that tea. Always learning. One good herb is Osha root. It's rare now and should be used with lots of respect, but it's good to clear breathing passages. sells it--great source of herbs out west. Glad you have some yummy tea for a cold day. How cold is it?

  2. I'll see if Wendy will tell us some of what's in it... without giving away all of her secrets. She's got mad skills! I've got several more posts to do that came from her... a new laundry method and a dehydrating method I've been using. The temp has been in the low 50s this morning. I guess some would think that is balmy. ~grin~

  3. Yes, that sounds balmy compared to our recent wintry weather! But colder than you've had there lately. Looking forward to the other posts.

  4. Are those walnuts in the cup? If so, they are good for lots of things.

  5. Hi Pidge, I'm not sure what's in the tea... I don't think there are any walnuts, but it was sure good. If I get anymore information about the tea, I'll link to it... there may be more information on Wendy's blog (the Holy Scrap Hot Springs link is listed above).

  6. Hello Friends of Heidi!
    It's wendy, maker of the mysterious tea. If you'd like to know the ingredients they are:

    Holy Basil - replenishes adrenal glands
    Peppermint - headache, belly
    Hibiscus - anti oxidant
    Mullein - respiratory

    I call it a city dweller blend since in combination it offers cures for what city life does to us!

    Enjoy, and best. . .
    wendy (holy scrap hot springs, NM)

  7. Thanks, Wendy! Sounds very yummy. Mullein and Holy Basil are old friends of mine and I drink Holy Basil almost every day.

  8. Oh this sounds like delicious tea, and thanks Wendy for sharing the ingredients...thanks Heidi for sharing the stories, and links ...and well for just being you.