Friday, December 24, 2010

Copper Cleaning

In the above collage, the cleaning process wasn't complete...
 but I wanted to snap pictures while I still had the sun.

We use our tea kettle many times each day to boil water for coffee, tea, and doing dishes.  Even while were at the hospital, I still bring Mike a thermos of hot water for *real* coffee and tea.  It is so nice to have our home here in the parking lot!

Using our kettle as we do, it doesn't take long before it starts tarnishing and in need of care.   I read somewhere about using ketchup to clean the tarnish from copper.  It works well and doesn't run off like lemon juice or white vinegar.  I also use a baking soda paste to gently scrub the kettle all over.  Baking soda is the only abrasive cleanser I use for everything.

In the next few days, I'll show you the other cleaning products we travel with... just in time for that post Christmas clean up... or New Year's resolution (to clean Green?). 


  1. Excellent idea about the baking soda. I've cut back on so many cleaning products but have yet to develop good alternatives (besides elbow grease :). Thanks for this tip!

  2. Great idea! Ketchup and baking soda. I'll have to try that.