Monday, December 27, 2010

Clean and Green

A few days ago I blogged that I'd make a post about the cleaning products I use in our home on wheels.  

I use a dish washing soap (grease cutting), baking soda for an abrasive,  and 4 small spray bottles:
1) Water
2) 50/50 vinegar and water
3) Isopropyl Alcohol
4) Hydrogen Peroxide

Here are the other products we just can't do without.

That's it!  Clean and Green.

Note:  I use  bleach primarily for the tanks... and ammonia mostly for laundry (never the twain shall meet).  Never mix bleach and ammonia in any way! It can kill you! The two in combination produces a deadly toxic gas!


  1. I like Citrisolve. Adds some extra punch when needed for all kinds of things & laundry too. Makes it smell good too & only need a few drops.

    Vinegar is my 1st go to cleaner, baking soda a close 2nd. Sometimes borax especially in laundry. I use bleach rarely & almost never use ammonia. Ammonia gives me an asthma attack - too toxic for me. I use a bit of dish soap too.

  2. The one thing I love about cleaning our small RV is that it takes a few minutes. Ah, if only the house cleaned that quickly.

  3. Tesaje, thanks for adding to the list!

  4. Heidi,have you researched whether there is an alternative to chlorine bleach for the tanks? The breakdown products of chlorine bleach are not healthy and I'd like to avoid using it. Peroxide would be better and there may be other things that would work. Iodine maybe.

    I use a product called Bac-Out for some cleaning jobs. It's pretty hypoallergenic and doesn't make me sick. Good for pet accidents, which happen fairly often now that the two girls are elderly. It's enzyme-based. I like Oxo-Brite powder as a stain and odor remover in laundry. And Charlie's soap powder for laundry. Again, they don't trigger my chemical reactions.

    It's very encouraging to hear that RVs are fast to clean up! I hate doing housecleaning and it takes forever.

  5. Oh--instead of isopropyl alcohol, you can use vodka or Everclear (which is stronger). Isopropyl is actually a bit toxic and it's good to avoid breathing the fumes much. Ironic, since it has been used in hospitals, and for massage, for a long time.

  6. True that, Jane! It can be done *very* quickly. I don't know why I spend so much time cleaning.. I guess 'cause I spend so much time messing it up! ~grin~

    Hey Judith! I haven't found a bleach alternative... but it certainly is something I'd like to look into. I continue to try new laundry products also... I do have a favorite, although I've tried some new ideas recently (I'll be blogging about it).

    I'll look into the Alcohol usage also... but I am happy so far with the changes I've made in using really toxic products (like laundry dryer sheets and the like)... I'm truly a work in progress! ~lol~

    Thanks so much for your comments... I really have a long way to go, but your comments sure do help (especially in the areas I'm lacking in)... I'm a real fan of lifelong learning, and y'all sure do help to pinpoint those areas I'd like to learn more about!

  7. I'm curious as to how you use ammonia for laundry. I don't use bleach because of our septic tank and probably couldn't use ammonia for that reason either. One of the best solvents in the world for dirt is just plain water. Soaking dirty clothes for a good 24 hours or so does an amazing job of getting dirt out.

  8. Hey Leigh, I posted about my laundry method with ammonia here:

    ... and I've since tried some new things I'll post about soon.

    I'm not sure about the septic tank and ammonia. I don't dump our laundry water in our tanks either, because there is a little bleach in the tanks.

    I agree; a good soaking in water does wonders! What could be more "Green" than that! ~grin~

  9. Here is one great for getting out stains...Lestoil and Lava Soap (or Fels Naptha)...I keep them by my washing machine with an old toothbrush..dip it in lestoil and work it on the soap bar..scrub it into the stain ...McGuyver's mother swore by that for everything!!
    Hey, if you are heading home, make sure you drink heavily when you get makes you forget WHERE you are!!! Be safe!!!

  10. I remember my mom using Lava soap when I was a kid (The others are new to me)! Thanks for adding to the list and for the advice ("drink heavily")... words to live by! ~grin~