Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wandering Plants and Walking Onion, Part 2

This is the second part of an email from Walking onion:

Walking Onion's Food Storage

"In the spring, I often start my seeds in TX, and bring the plants north as I go, planting them in May in WI.  This is the first year I'll be bringing plants south with me.  I'm also going to start some cold weather crops here, (kale, lettuce, etc) and bring it to TX to plant this fall.  It's often challenging to start a fall garden in the south, because the weather is too hot for cold weather crops to germinate.  This way, they'll germinate in the cool weather up north, and by the time I get south, the weather will be cool enough for them to thrive.

So. The second pic I'm sending, is my food pantry when I left WI.  In the pic, you can see some of the food I have in "long term storage" or in the pantry.  I dried a TON of apples, broccoli, and tomatoes(not pictured).  I also canned plums (second shelf from the bottom, left side) apple sauce (the rest of the left side), strawberry (upper right) and blueberry jam. I won't survive on this the whole winter, but it helps, and it's so good!"

To be continued...


  1. This is a really cool, informative site... Good job Heidi!

  2. Thanks for sharing this part 2 with us...I am learning alot, and am glad that be a VanSteader is indeed not only possible but also realistic as well.


  3. I love this site and thank you for your very heart-felt comment about my brother. Stay safe.

  4. Thx ! Nice Blog !!!
    Greetings from Winnipeg/MB.

  5. Thanks everyone (and to W.O. for the posts)... and welcome Joe! Pidge, I'm so happy you're here and you have been in my thoughts all day.