Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vanstead Crafts List

Yesterday we changed our plans at the last minute.  It turns out that we needed to be in Georgia today - and that's where we are.  We regret missing Virginia and North Carolina, but more so, the people we weren't able to visit on this trip.

I learned about the death of a family member yesterday.  This has me thinking about the finite time we have for *life*. I feel truly fortunate to *live* exactly as I choose, with exactly who  I choose to *live* with.  The vandweller/vantramp/vansteader lifestyle has filled my life with love and meaning. If my time were to end today, I'd not regret. 

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures I took (yesterday) of my favorite vansteasder cooking method.  Today, I'm going to start the Vanstead Crafts List. 

Before I start posting on my favorite vansteading crafts, I want to start a master list.  Please join me in making a complete list of crafts for the vanstead.  These can be money making crafts or just for your enjoyment. I'll be posting about my projects and asking others to post on their craft of expertise.  I know a lot of really talented vandwellers/vansteaders!  I'm sure some of you already know what's coming... yep, I'll be coming by your blogs (or in your email boxes) asking you to blog about your skill, so that we can link to it and learn! 

I'll get it started (please comment or email me with your suggestions):

Jewelery Making
Leather Working
Soap Making
Wood Working


  1. Je regrette Heidi,it's always hard to lose someone.

    Kinda woodworking and I don't know how it will work out in a van since I haven't tried yet, but Bowyering
    Candle making
    Herbalism (condensed to specific products)
    Dreamcatches/medicine bags/other crafty folk art, traditional, metaphysical gee gaw, whatever
    What about net tying & macramé kinda stuff?
    Is cooking gonna be it's own, all by itself category? Cause I was a thinking both normal small space cooking, fire cooking, alternative cooking, drying / preserving maybe would fit in there too, oui?

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, Heidi. Very good points. We don't know how much time we have, and it's good to do what we can now.

    Wow Remi--good ideas. (I like all the French, by the way. Very nostalgic for me.)

    I was thinking about woodburning/pyrography at one time. You would need to have a stash of wood, but other than that it doesn't take much space.

    Along with herbs, making various toiletries with essential oils, herbs, etc. I have made some nice coffee/mineral salt body scrubs for myself. I don't have a good space for making them to sell, though--too much dog hair floating around! That will be worse in the RV. If someone wants to make things like that to sell, they might find a space to work in at a friend's house, rented kitchen, etc.

  3. painting, sketching, photography, beading (on leather)

    scrapbooking? stamping and cardmaking?

    braiding and fingerweaving would fit under weaving i guess, but more portable forms...

    has anyone actually tried sculpting? someone had talked of a little kiln. or was i dreaming that?

    remi, dude, if you are talking about making bows, i am right there with you. i need a new longbow.

  4. i just re-read this post......granny?

  5. Oh no, not granny... we're going to go see her tomorrow. My Uncle Chic passed away.

    Thank you to everyone for the kind words... and thank you for helping the master craft list to grow. I'll make a separate post with the list when we're all done exhausting ideas. The crafts you've added are so great!

  6. Kate said: "someone had talked of a little kiln. or was i dreaming that?"

    .... That's Kris! When we met, we talked about the importance of not giving up what's important to *you* when vandwelling. Her pieces are beautiful! I'm really glad she's going to try to keep her kiln... and her craft.

    She's going to come to the gathering this winter. I'm so excited for all of the exchanging of ideas!

    BTW, this is a post Mike made about meeting Kris:

  7. oh, numees, i'm sorry about your uncle chic, but glad you will still have the privilege of meeting granny. hug her for me!

    good for kris! i am glad she will keep her craft, too!

  8. I will. She is such a sweetie!