Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cooking Method 2 - Thermos Cooking

I've had some success with thermos cooking.  I prefer cooking in the crockette, but it's nice to have options.  The benefit of using the thermos cooking method is that you only need to use enough energy to bring the food to a boil.  I've cooked noodles and white rice several times. However, my first attempt at cooking brown rice was not successful. Difficulty in cooking brown rice is a frequent complaint of thermos cooking folks.

During a recent visit with Captain Vandweller, he set out to show it could be done.  This is what we learned:
  • Only use one cup of brown rice in a 48oz thermos
  • Bring the water *and* the rice to a boil (don't just add rice to the thermos of boiling water)
  • Using a funnel made from cutting the top off of a plastic milk jug makes for less mess
We opened it after 3 hours and it was fully cooked - we think it may have been cooked in as little as an hour.  With some experimenting, you may find that thermos cooking is a fun and fuel-friendly cooking alternative.

If you want to try thermos cooking, make sure your thermal vessel is up to the task.  I've tried several brands and types, but many just can't do the job. This is the one we like: Thermos Bottle


  1. I've been curious about this one as well. I will have to play around with this once I'm moving again and not in this holding pattern. I'm also interested in freeze drying as well as I think it would ne a great way to prepare a lot of good food and carry it while hiking or what not and be able to have a good,quick meal by just adding hot water and letting it warm and rehydrate. I was actually thinking about it also for gifts for those I know who either can't cook are are just plain bad at it, lol.

  2. Hey Remi,

    Thanks for the comment. I tried to visit you this morning... but I got a warning on your blog. Mike is going to email you about it.