Friday, October 8, 2010

Composting toilets: the sequel

I was talking to a friend of mine about this topic, a friend who it turns out has researched these composting toilets for his van build.  Since I've discovered that some of my friends are a shy lot... I'll just post what he told me. ;)

He recommended two brands, the first was mentioned yesterday... the other is: The Airhead!

This in no way brings my friend to mind, as I think he's a very smart cookie, but the easy joke is there.

Tomorrow, I'll post on perennial food plants... lol (yeah, right)!

Notice what appears to be a wet bath and the toilet looks like it seals well (with a gasket)???


  1. I think they are an excelent idea, and wish we could all have them installed, but what would we do with the compost? Any ideas on that? I mean, would it be restricted somehow where you could dump or put it?

  2. Hi Pidge, I believe I read that it needs to be emptied about once a month (for two people).. and I heard mention of someone who uses the compost to fertilize needed areas along the way... I certainly want to do a lot more reading about this. I'm still clueless - but the idea certainly has possibilities!

  3. That's one of the things I was wondering too and one of the things I really liked about these being peat based and having that separator. You could fertilize any non edible plants along the way, in theory. Goodness knows some rest areas could use it ;)

    One thing I was wondering is since both of these use a liquid separator with roughtly 2gal storage, how hard would it be to modify these to go into a larger holding tank that could be setup for external dumping for larger capacity and easier dumping when hookups are avail? I wouldn't think that would be too hard, but who knows, lol.

  4. Remi, I'm going to add that to my questions list and hopefully we'll learn the answers together. I bet it would be easy to run a line to the tank for the "wet" collection.

  5. Anything can be re-engineered as needed for a particular desired function. I think having a larger, separate holding tank for the liquids would be very doable and not that difficult as my sweet wife suggests. This is a topic that I want to dig into more as the ability to eliminate dumping a black tank is very appealing!

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