Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canning Chicken

Written night before last:
We made it to the Flying J truck stop in Brunswick, GA before stopping for the night.  A few minutes ago, I learned that my son had just returned to base at Kings Bay, GA after being on his boat (submarine) for months.  It turns out, I'm only about a half hour from him tonight!  Welcome home Son!

We were able to see Zach for a few minutes yesterday. Today is my birthday... and we'll spend the day with "she who gave birth to me" ;).   We're in Sebastian Florida at my mom's house.  Yay! 

Canning Chicken

Also written night before last: I decided to make Chicken Alfredo over pasta tonight.  Before we left Washington, I pressure canned half pint jars of boneless chicken breast (using the raw pack method).  For an easy meal, I added it to some Alfredo sauce. It was wonderful!  The best part is that I know exactly what's in it... just chicken!

I first learned about canning chicken from a Wendy Dewitt YouTube video (part 6 in the series... I think):  She also has a pdf called Everything Under The Sun that has some great information.

Before you can anything, it's a good idea to check the latest USDA guidelines to make sure you're canning safely.  Consult your pressure canner manual for the specific times and further recommendations. 

One further recommendation:
After doing a ton of research, we decided this was the only pressure canner for us:
Our Pressure Cooker/Canner.  I'll have a lot more information to share about this canner in other posts!  Our pressure canner fits under the bed and I store our dry goods in it... so it isn't really taking up additional space.


  1. Ok, this I gotta hear more about. I'd never thought of canning for travel.

    P.s. Happy birthday Heidi !!! Bon temps avec ta mere, m'selle :)

  2. Happy birthday. I would not have thought of canning in a van either. But then again, having a supply of safely canned food makes a lot of sense for living mobile. I agree that what you do yourself is much better - no chemicals & salt.

    How tall & the diameter is your canner?


  3. Belated Happy Birthday Heidi - hope it was a real goodie :)

    Am sure it was extra special having your son there too.

    Would love any info you can give me on canning chicken. And does it have to be refrigerated when it's done? Sounds yummy!

  4. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. We had an internet issue so I haven't been online lately.

    Mary, I'll have to measure and I'll post the diameter here soon.

    Dani, no refrigeration is needed for the canned chicken.