Monday, September 27, 2010

Definition of Terms

(discription taken in part from the VanDwellers Facebook Group)
Van-dwelling is more of a lifestyle or philosophy than any description of what you drive, camp, or live in. Vandwelling is an alternative lifestyle of freedom and simplicity. There are those who live in their vans; others who live in truck campers, cars, and RVs. There are part-timers, full-timers, live-aboards, and dreamers. There are also those whose economic circumstances have brought them here. You are all welcome .

A gathering of Vandwellers (other nomads and dreamers) is a place where ideas are shared, technical aspects discussed (e.g. solar), and fellowship enjoyed.

Vandwellers are a tribe of such freedom loving individuals.

(definition taken from wikipedia)
The term may apply to anyone who follows the back-to-the-land movement by adopting a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.

(new term, new definition)
Those that enjoy aspects of both the Vandwelling and Homsteading lifestyles. Here we will explore all the possibilities of combining the two.

<update>  and how could I have missed this one ;) ...
Vantramps: Refers to those who take advantage of a vanhome's mobility while living as comfortably and sustainably as possible.

Welcome to Vansteaders!


  1. Please excuse, but you seem to have forgotten a very important term... I love your new blog :) Proud of you as always!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Hi again Heidi. I was interested in your blog name and so wanted to check out your first post. Interesting! Actually, my DH drives a big truck, which he calls his home away from home. He loves being here on our homestead, but he likes being able to see various parts of the country and experience their seasons. It is a lifestyle.

  3. Leigh, like your DH, I love our nomadic home... but, I'm so drawn to the homesteading lifestyle that I *must* find a way to have both. Hey, I'm heading over to your blog now... I need a "Charlie" fix. BTW, I have a van named Charlie. lol